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Female Motley het Amelanistic, Anerythristic, Stripe, Hypo Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus

CB06 - Proven Breeder

Breeding Information
Mated with "Fargo", Butter Motley - Produced Normal Motley & Amel Motley
Note: a few of the Normals were paler/brighter therefore testing for hypo will be done in 2011
Mated with "Angel", Snow Motley het Stripe het or homo hypo - Produced Normal Motley, Amel Motley, Amel Stripe,
Snow Motley, Snow Stripe, Ghost Motley, Ghost Stripe, Hypo Motley, Hypo Stripe, Anery Stripe
(Some of the Amels/Snows may be Hypo Amels/Hypo Snows)
Mated with "Toledo", Hypo Diffused Stripe het Anerythristic - Produced Motley, Motley/Stripe, Stripe, Hypo Motley, Hypo Stripe, Anery Motley, Anery Stripe, Ghost Motley, Ghost Stripe

Offspring Photo Gallery

Normal Motley & Amel Motley 2010Normal (paler) MotleyNormal Motley

Amel Motley 2010Amel Motley 2010Nina/Angel's Hatchlings 2011

Nina/Angel Amel Motley (ph/h Hypo) 2011Nina/Angel Anery Stripe 2011Nina/Angel Hypo 

Motley 2011

Nina/Angel Snow Stripe 2011Nina/Angel Hypo Motley 2011Nina/Angel Snow Stripe 2011

Nina/Angel Hypo Stripe 2011Nina/Angel Snow Motley (poss hypo) 2011Nina/Angel's Normal Motley 2011

Nina/Toledo 2012Nina/Toledo 2012Nina/Toledo's Motley 2012

Nina/Toledo's Motley 2012Nina/Toledo's Hypo Motley 2012Nina/Toledo's Motley 2012

Nina/Toledo's Hypo Motley 2012Nina/Toledo Stripe 2012Nina/Toledo Hypo Motley 2012

Nina/Toledo Hypo Motley 2012Nina/Toledo Hypo Stripe 2012Nina/Toledo Motley/Stripe 2012

Nina/Toledo Ghost Motley 2012Nina/Toledo Ghost Stripe 2012

Nina's Photo Gallery

Nina (Motley) & Tennison (Hypo Diffused)

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