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Male Snow Motley het Stripe, het OR homo (probably homo) Hypo Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus

CB09 ACS - Proven Breeder

Dam: Angelica, Snow Motley het OR homo Hypo, het Stripe

Sire: Selmak, Hypo Snow Stripe

Breeding Information
Mated with "Nina", Normal Motley het Amel, Anery, Stripe, het or hom hypo - Produced Normal Motley, Amel Motley,
Amel Stripe, Snow Motley, Snow Stripe, Ghost Motley, Ghost Stripe, Hypo Motley, Hypo Stripe, Anery Stripe
(Some of the Amels/Snows may be Hypo Amels/Hypo Snows)
Mated with "Tia", Hypo het Stripe, Caramel, Amel, Anery - 
Produced Snow Stripe, Snow Motley, Snow, Ghost, Ghost Motley,Ghost Stripe,Amel,
Amel Stripe, Amel Motley, Hypo, Hypo Stripe
Note: Due to this outcome it is likely that Angel is hom Hypo. If he is hom Hypo,
all the amels and snows would be hypo amels and hypo snows.

Offspring Photo Gallery

Nina/Angel's Hatchlings 2011Nina/Angel Amel Motley (ph/h Hypo) 2011Nina/Angel Anery Stripe 2011

Nina/Angel Hypo Motley 2011Nina/Angel Snow Stripe 2011Nina/Angel Hypo Motley 2011

Nina/Angel Snow Stripe 2011Nina/Angel Hypo Stripe 2011Nina/Angel Snow Motley (poss hypo) 2011

Nina/Angel's Normal Motley 2011Tia/Angel's 2012Tia/Angel's Hypo Amel 2012

Tia/Angel's Hypo Snow 2012Tia/Angel's Hypo Amel Stripe 2012Tia/Angel's Hypo Amel Motley 2012

Tia/Angel's Hypo Amel 2012Tia/Angel - Hypo Snow Stripe 2012Tia/Angel Hypo 2012

Tia/Angel Hypo Snow 2012Tia/Angel Hypo Amel 2012Tia/Angel - Ghost Stripe 2012

Photo Gallery


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