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Female Green Phase Patternless Cape House Snake

Boaedon Capensis

CB09 - Proven Breeder

Subcaudal Scale Count: 55

Full Sibling of Geneva, Grace, Gilbert

Gayle, Geneva, Grace and Gilbert were acquired as green phase house snakes of an unknown subspecies.
Many suspected they were fuliginosus, however, d ue to successful breeding of Grace with a confirmed Cape House Snake,
we have assumed for the time being that they are a Patternless Green Phase Cape until proven otherwise.

Breeding Information
2011 - Mated with "Gilbert", Patternless Green Cape House Snake
Produced 3 different colours of Patternless "Green" Capes (Normal, Hypo-type, Albino-type)
Note: Unfortunately, many of Gayle/Gilbert's hatchlings were badly kinked and almost all of the clutch (including the single Albino-type) had to be euthanised.  As the clutch was incubated in one of our secondary incubators we are hopeful that this was an incubation problem and not a genetic one. Further work will be done on this.
2012 - Mated with "Gilbert", Patternless Green Cape House Snake
Produced Normal Patternless and Hypo Patternless


Offspring Photo Gallery

Gayle/Gilbert's Hatchlings 2011Gayle/Gilbert's Hatchlings 2011Gayle/Gilbert's Hatchling 2011

Gayle/Gilbert's Patternless Capes 2012Gayle/Gilbert's Patternless Capes 2012Gayle/Gilbert - Patternless Green Cape 2012

Photo Gallery

Gayle/Gilbert's 2011

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