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Male Green Phase Patternless Cape House Snake

Boaedon Capensis

CB09 - Proven Breeder

Subcaudal Scale Count: 62

Full Sibling of Gayle, Geneva, Grace

Gayle, Geneva, Grace and Gilbert were acquired as green phase house snakes of an unknown subspecies.
Many suspected they were fuliginosus, however, due to successful breeding of Grace with a confirmed Cape House Snake,
we have assumed for the time being that they are a Patternless Green Phase Cape until proven otherwise.

Breeding Information
Mated with "Geneva", Green Phase Patternless House Snake - Produced Green Phase Patternless
Mated with "Gayle", Green Phase Patternless House Snake - Produced 3 different colours of
Patternless "Green" Capes (Normal, Hypo-type, Albino-type)
Note: Unfortunately, many of Gayle/Gilbert's hatchlings were badly kinked and almost all of the clutch (including the single Albino-type) had to be euthanised.  As the clutch was incubated in one of our secondary incubators we are hopeful that this was an incubation problem and not a genetic one. Further work will be done on this.
Mated with "Gayle", Green Phase Patternless House Snake - Produced Normal & Hypo Patternless

Offspring Photo Gallery

Gayle/Gilbert's Hatchlings 2011Gayle/Gilbert's Hatchlings 2011Gayle/Gilbert's Hatchling 2011

Geneva/Gilbert's Patternless Greens 2011Gayle/Gilbert's Patternless Capes 2012Gayle/Gilbert's Patternless Capes 2012

Gayle/Gilbert - Patternless Green Cape 2012

Photo Gallery


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