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Female T- Albino Cape House Snake

Boaedon Capensis

CB10 ACS - Proven Breeder

Full Sibling of Caesar
Caesar has red eyes and Celeste appears to have black/ruby eyes leading us to suspect they were not the same type of albino
however mating them together produced only albino offspring leading us to conclude that they must both be T- Albino.  Some of the
offspring were more like Caesar and others were more like Celeste therefore the possibility of T+ and T- being present exists but
quite what appearance they would take is unclear.  If we are able to acquire confirmed T+ albinos we may test this at a later stage.

Dam: Canada, Albino Cape House Snake

Sire: Captain, Normal het Albino Cape House Snake

Breeding Information
Mated with "Caesar", T- Albino Cape House Snake - Produced T- Albino Cape House Snakes

Offspring Photo Gallery

Caesar/Celeste's T- 2012Caesar/Celeste's T- 2012Caesar/Celeste's T- 2012

Caesar/Celeste's T- 2012Caesar/Celeste's T- 2012Celeste/Caesar's T- Albino Cape 2012

Celeste/Caesar - T- Albino Cape 2012Celeste/Caesar T- Albino Cape 2012

Photo Gallery

6 weeks10 weeksCaesar & Celeste

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