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Rhadinophis prasinum


The Green Bush Ratsnake or Green Bush Snake is a small diurnal ratsnake who is considered by many to be semi arboreal although our experience has been that some specimens are practically terrestrial.

They are green when they hatch and remain green as adults although not usually as brightly coloured however many specimens develop varying degrees of blue and/or yellow.

Experience Level Experienced

Shy and secretive.

Captive Variants Wild Type
Expected Adult Length 90 to 120cm
Recommended Housing

Vivarium or plastic tubs

We prefer to use tubs as we found them to be much easier to keep clean. Plenty of greenery in the enclosure helps them to feel more secure which appears to make them more confident.

Other requirements:

-Suitably large water bowl for them to drink and bathe

-A minimum of 2 hides (1 in the cool end and 1 in the warm end) one of which should be moist

-Climbing branches are advantageous but not essential

Temperature Range 22C (72F) to 27C (81F)
Recommended Heating

Viv - Guarded Ceramic heater or heat mat

Tub - Heat mat

Whichever method is used, the temperature should be controlled by a suitable thermostat and monitored using a digital thermometer

Origin Burma, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
Natural Environment Primarily arboreal and found in tropical mountain rain forests and bamboo thickets
Recommended Substrate

We use Aspen and provide a moist hide of vermiculite and/or moss.

Natural Diet Rodents, Lizards
Primary Captive Diet Rodents
Other Information

The majority of the information we have read about Green Bush Ratsnakes claims that they require a fairly high humidity however our experience is that in a captive environment they fair better in a drier setup with a moist hide, which they do not use very often at all. Since keeping ours in a drier environment they have never experienced any shedding problems (which they did frequently previously) and their skin is in much better condition.

Tail wagging (as opposed to rattling) is a common characteristic displayed by green bush ratsnakes in a effort to deter predators.

Recommended links www.ratsnakefoundation.org

This care guide has been written by us at AC Snakes for your information and guidance.
It will be updated and expanded as regularly as we are able, however it should not be used as your only source of care information.
Prior to purchasing any animal it is strongly recommended that you research extensively to ensure that you can provide the correct care for your pet.
Last updated May 2012

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