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Elaphe Schrencki


Russian Ratsnakes are among the largest and most robust of all the ratsnake species and are believed to be crepuscular (active dusk & dawn) but most of ours are active both day and night.

Whilst they are a calm species, they are quite active, semi arboreal and extremely nosy which makes them a great species to interact with and observe.

They are constrictors who belong to the colubrid family and are sometimes referred to as Manchurian Watersnake and Amur Ratsnake.

Experience Level Beginner to Intermediate

Docile and inquisitive

Captive Variants

Wild Type, High Yellow/Gold, High White (aka Anery Phase )

Other Known Variants Melanistic, Striped
Expected Adult Length 140 to 180cm
Recommended Housing

Vivarium or plastic tubs

We prefer to use tubs as we found them to be much easier to keep clean.

Other requirements :

-Suitably large water bowl for them to drink and bathe

-A minimum of 2 hides (1 in the cool end and 1 in the warm end) one of which should be moist

-Climbing branches are advantageous

Temperature Range

21C (70F) to 28C (82F)

Many keepers do not offer any supplementary heat, believing that the temperature in your home will be sufficient. We believe this is a mistake as this does not offer your snake any choice of temperature whatsoever. Even if they do not spend a great deal of time in the warm end of their enclosure, at least they will have a choice. Incidentally, one of our adult females spends the majority of the time in the warm end of her enclosure.

Recommended Heating

Viv - Guarded Ceramic heater or heat mat

Tub - Heat mat

Whichever method is used, the temperature should be controlled by a suitable thermostat and monitored using a digital thermometer

Origin China, Korea, Mongolia, Russia
Natural Environment

Found in a wide variety of mainly moist environments such as scrubland, farmland, riverbanks, swamp land, gardens, stones, log piles, forests and up in trees

Recommended Substrate

We prefer to use Aspen and provide 2 moist and 2 dry hides.

Natural Diet Rodents, Birds and their Eggs, Bats
Primary Captive Diet Rodents
Recommended links www.ratsnakefoundation.org

This care guide has been written by us at AC Snakes for your information and guidance.
It will be updated and expanded as regularly as we are able, however it should not be used as your only source of care information.
Prior to purchasing any animal it is strongly recommended that you research extensively to ensure that you can provide the correct care for your pet.
Last updated May 2012

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