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Boaedon Capensis

Identification of any house snake is currently quite difficult as the taxonomy of this species has changed and latin names are often different depending on something as simple as which country you are in or how recent the information you have is.

We do not claim to be experts, far from it, however we will document any relevant observations regarding our collection below and where we can, will illustrate this with pictures.

One very important thing we have learned is that a photograph is often a much better way to identify house snakes, especially with regard to eye colour as their eyes are often constricted in bright light making it difficult to see the pupil. We will attempt to demonstrate this as we go along.

Wild Type ~ Hypomelanistic ~ T- Albino

Wild Type = Chocolate Brown with Black Pupils

Hypomelanistic = Rusty Orange Brown with Black/Ruby Pupils

T- Albino = Yellow/Orange with Red Pupils

Photo taken without flash

Photo taken with flash.

Notice how the eyes of the T- Albino "glare" to a pale pink mirror effect due to the flash.

The ruby eyes of the hypo appear red because of the flash.

Close up macro photo taken with flash.

This shows the eye colour of the three snakes as they would be to the naked eye.

Top = Red eyes of the T- Albino

Middle = Black eyes of the Wild Type

Bottom = Black eyes which are actually a deep ruby of the Hypo.

It appears that the ruby eyes show more black when the snake faces the camera and ruby when photographed from the side.

Photo taken with flash from a distance and then blown up to show the eye colour more clearly.

Top = Ruby eyes of the Hypo

Middle = Black eyes of the Wild Type

Bottom = Red eyes of the T- Albino with some glare from the flash

In this shot, taken without flash, we have added a 4th snake which was purchased as a hypo but we suspect she may be a T+ Albino. We hope to confirm this with breeding trials.

Top* = T+ Albino or Hypo

2nd* = Wild Type

3rd* = Hypo

Bottom* = T- Albino

*Based on the position of the head on the photo

Close ups

Top Left = T- Albino

Bottom L = T+ Albino or Hypo

Top Right = Hypo

Bottom R = Wild Type

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