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There are many unanswered questions surrounding house snakes, it is our aim over the years to definitively answer as many of these questions as we possibly can.

Q: Are Boaedon Capensis and Boaedon Lineatus compatible?

A: Yes, our account is detailed below.

Following our unsuccessful attempts to find a mate for our adult female lineatus we decided that, as she laid slugs every month or so without ever being with a male, we would use the opportunity to test the compatibility with capensis.

Female Boaedon Lineatus "Lulu"


Male Boaedon Capensis het Albino "Captain"



We paired them up on 11 November 2010 and he got down to business straight away and it ended up being a rather messy affair! Perhaps this was to do with their approximately equal size.The pair were only mated once.

3 eggs laid on 25 January 2011

All 3 eggs appeared to have started collapsing by the end of February however this was obviously not the case as they started hatching a few days earlier than expected at 55 days on 21 March 2011. 2 males hatched on that day and the 3rd male (from the egg with the line across the middle) hatched 2 days later. At the time of taking the pic below the 3rd egg (shown at the top of the pic) had not pipped yet.

11-3-11 Before 1st Shed

11-3-12 Before 1st Shed

11-3-12 Before 1st Shed
After 1st shed

11-3-13 After 1st shed

11-3-12 After 1st Shed

11-3-12 Close up of line

11-3-11 After 1st Shed

11-3-11 After 

11-3-11 Close up of line

2nd Clutch laid (still only 1 mating)

Double clutch - Lulu/Captain 2011

It is worth noting that following laying infertile clutches Lulu did not always feed until after her post-lay shed and was incredibly slow to recover which obviously took it's toll as she continued to lay infertile clutches every couple of months. However, since laying fertile eggs, Lulu has fed straight away and therefore recovered much more quickly.

A total of 3 clutches were laid in 2011 (from only 1 mating), below are photos of all 10 hatchlings.

Now that this question has been answered, onto the next question....

Q: Are the offspring of Boaedon Capensis and Boaedon Lineatus fertile?

A: Yes, Hatchlings emerged on 31st August 2012 from a mating of a pair of hybrid (Boaedon Capensis x Boaedon Lineatus) House Snakes.


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